Applications of science for a

We use our knowledge of science and technology to solve 21st century problems. Education, understanding and respect for nature underpin our values..

Science originally referred to knowledge of any kind. Today we view science as the systematic study of the physical and natural world, through observation and experiment.

At appScience, we use this knowledge and understanding to solve problems for industry and the global community. We believe that our solutions must be sustainable and have a positive impact on our environment.

appScience was founded by a scientist with over 30 years experience in science and mathematics, including both fundamental research into micro and nano-scale devices and applied research into sensor systems, including electronics and software engineering.

We provide consulting services to assist in the creation of new technologies, generally based on physics, electronics and computer science. We develop both hardware and software products tailored to customer needs. To assist us in solving problems we have developed software tools for analysing, modelling and displaying data. These tools have been adapted into software applications now available for everyone to use.

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