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Formula Calculator

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We designed this calculator specifically for Mac OS X and Apple iPad to evaluate simple or complex mathematical expressions, to display all results as text or graphs, to keep track of previous results, to save and reload previous calculations, and more.

This calculator is ideal for people who need to evaluate mathematical expressions, such as students, teachers, educators, engineers, researchers and scientists. It was developed by a scientist for modelling and analysing data, but designed to be simple to use.

Formula Calculator does not imitate a pocket calculator - instead the mathematical expressions are typed directly in. The results are evaluated as you type. The entire mathematical expressions are there to see, making it easier to spot mistakes.

But Formula Calculator is much more advanced than a standard calculator...

Assign parameter names to intermediate results, just as you would in algebra or arithmetic.

The Mac version of Formula Calculator keeps a history of your work, so you can check previous results.

Formula Calculator comes with all the mathematical functions you find on a scientific calculator and you can define your own functions, simply by typing them in. You can even graph your functions, which is ideal for students who want to understand what functions look like, and you can export graphs in a variety of formats.

Both the OSX and iPad versions are available at minimal cost.

For more information about Formula Calculator, look at the Mac online help manual or the IOS manual.

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