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Scientific computing is essential for understanding the world about us.

We develop software for modelling physical systems to compare the computer predictions with experiments, and we develop software to proces and analyse data. The advanced algorithms used in science have every day applications that we make available in different software products.

The applications below were written for Apple-brand computers and devices, developed from scientific and mathematical algorithms, that we have adapted for every day use:

Formula Calculator for iPhone

Formula Calculator does not imitate a pocket calculator - instead the mathematical expressions are typed directly in. The results are evaluated as you type. The entire mathematical expressions are there to see, making it easier to spot mistakes.

The iPhone version has been specially designed for the small hand-held format of your phone. Take a high powered analysis tool wherever you go.

iPhone version


Tuna is a simple to use, general purpose acoustic tool for musicians with a tuner, metronome and sound analyser designed for your iPhone. Have fun with this captivating app that comes complete with fish (tuna of course).


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