Tuna is a simple to use, general purpose acoustic tool for musicians with a tuner, metronome and sound analyser. Tuna was designed specially for the iPhone.

Use the tuner to tune any musical instrument, from tubas, trumpets and other brass instruments, woodwind instruments such as saxophones, clarinets and flutes, to stringed instruments like violins and guitars. Tuna uses standard A440 tuning or select anywhere between A430 and A450. We have yet to find an instrument that doesn't work with the app. If your instrument can't be tuned, let us know - send a message through the contacts page.

Tuna has a metronome with both visual and audio cues. Select the number of beats per minute using the time selector, or tap a steady beat and Tuna will deduce the timing for you. Unlike traditional metronomes, Tuna allows you to enter complex accent patterns simply by typing in the number of beats between each accent - works well for both simple and complex time signatures. For example, entering 32 will accent the third beat and then the second beat, which is good for a 5/4 time signature.

Tuna enables you to visualise sounds. The spectrum analyser shows you the frequency content of sounds from 20 Hz up to 12 KHz depending on the microphone in your iPhone. You select the frequency range to display. (Surprisingly, watching bird songs is mesmerising!) Switch to the waveform view to visualise the sound waves.

And best of all, Tuna is stocked with tuna (as well as small fish and an active crab!) If the app proves popular, we will add more fish and sound analysis features.

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